martes, 20 de mayo de 2008

(Sin Titulo) 3

No sleep tonight, Not for the King.
All this years was a strength route to this
one limit moment in destiny.
This one riding clash of shield and spire,
sword and bone, flesh and blood.

His only regret... is he
had so few to sacrifice.

Hundred leaves, few stayed to fight, only one looked back.

To been lot of years since the wolf in the winter cold.
And now how there don’t fear the creepest, any restless,
hide sense of things.
The sea breeze cooling, kissing his sweat chest to neck,
Birds, complaining even they feed for thousands of floating deads.
The standing breathing of few at his back, ready to die there, without a moment pause, everyone of them READY TO DIE.
His helmet is stabbing, his shield is heavy.
His helmet was stabbing, it’s reducts his vision, he must see far.
His shield was heavy, it's try out balance and his target is far away...

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